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spero (v.)

1. to hope
2. to believe, desire, or trust

our story

People want plant-based dairy. But, today, plant-based dairy is prohibitively expensive due to the use of nuts as the primary ingredient. 


I created Spero Foods because I wanted everyone to be able to eat clean dairy alternatives that actually taste good.


At Spero, we make dairy from seeds. 


Why seeds? Almonds/cashews (nuts), which comprise the majority of the dairy alternatives industry today, will never create cost comparable products with dairy because they are too expensive and they're hard to scale. They take too much time, space, water, and human labor. Seeds use just a fraction of the water and land compared to nuts and dairy. They produce dramatically fewer greenhouse gases, too. So much so, that if you switch to Sunflower Cream Cheese over nut or dairy cheese, you could save around 400 showers and 20,000 car miles driven a year!


By using truly scalable ingredients and cutting-edge, patented technology, Spero is the first company making plant-based dairy cheaper than traditional dairy products, taking dairy alternatives mainstream.


hi, I'm Phaedra and I'm the founder of @sperofoods

As a kid, I suffered from chronic migraines, IBS, and weight gain. In spite of all of this, I was a competitive athlete in ice hockey, lacrosse, and field hockey. Yet, I suffered in silence, with no one knowing how sick I truly was. 


I continued to push myself through high school, and was recruited to top D1 schools for lacrosse. But my health eventually caught up with me— I came to a point where I couldn’t live like this any longer. And I was desperate to find a solution.


I visited numerous doctors, tried a variety of supplements and medications, but nothing alleviated the pain. It wasn’t until one day, I asked myself: what if the food I am eating has an impact on the way I feel? 


So, I researched and I studied. I experimented and I trialed. I began eating clean, plant-based foods and then, suddenly and within weeks, everything transformed. My body was healing and I, finally, began to feel like myself again.


But there was one small problem— I loved dairy. And I missed cheese, so much. But I didn’t miss the way it made me feel. I tried all of the dairy alternatives on the market, but none of them tasted anything like dairy. They were expensive. And the ingredients were junk.


And, so I thought. There must be a way to make better dairy products. There must be a way to invent a better cheese.


Leveraging my academic background in biosciences from Cornell and my professional experience leading engineering and innovation at tech giants like Facebook and successfully-acquired startups, I founded Spero to completely disrupt the dairy sector.

our ethos

Make plant-based products that are delicious, accessible and affordable for all, and better for you and the planet.


At Spero, we believe in making it easy, fun, and tasty AF to live a plant-forward life.



ditch nuts. ditch dairy.

eat sunflower cream cheese.

save earth.

less water, air, land.

© 2019 by spero foods inc.


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