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To make the dairy of your dreams:

 delicious, sustainable, superfoods.

100% real food. 0% nonsense.

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This is our most unique cheese. The smoked paprika (a mild, not hot, red pepper), native to the Middle East, create a complex flavor experience. Enjoy this creamy Chevre blended into a sauce, on bagels, breads or sandwiches, on pasta or pizza, stuffed into mushrooms or squash, or paired with wine and crackers.


Ships fresh & refrigerated! All cheeses can be frozen to increase their lifespan. 


  • 💪PROTEIN (5G, more than any other plantbased cheese)

    ✨ANTIOXIDANTS (100x dairy cheese)

    🍒MINERALS & VITAMINS (iron, zinc, and more)

    🌎SUSTAINABLE (no dairy, no nuts, meaning you save the Planet with less water, land, and greenhouse gases)

    👅FLAVOR poppin (made like cheese, so it tastes like cheese™️)

    !! Paleo, plantbased, & keto⁉️

    ?! HOW ?! Sorcery 🤷🏼‍♀️🔮


    Made from real, CLEAN INGREDIENTS. Brought to you by the power of the sunflower.


    *Packaging is made with recyclable plastic. :)

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