TASTES LIKE REAL GOAT CHEESE. Because it's made for goat cheese lovers.

A mind-blowing goaty flavor and texture. This complex and aromatic cheese pairs well with any breads, toasts (avo toast?!), wraps, sandwiches, salads (massage the kale plz), pasta, meats, wine & crackers, squashes, sweet potatoes, blends into sauces, etc.


Spread it, spoon it, dip it, bake it, or whisk it up & make it saucy!


Ships fresh & refrigerated! Can be frozen & then thawed in fridge to make it last forevaaaaaaa.

THE GOAT CHEESE (tastes like goat cheese!)

  • 💪6 Clean Ingredients. No gums or additives.

    🍒Probiotics for gut health. Antioxidants.

    🌎🌱Skip dairy. Skip Nuts. Eat Sunflower Cream Cheese & SAVE:

    400🚿SHOWERS, 20k🚗MILES, & 1🌏 /yr*

    !! Plantbased & keto !! 


    *Packaging is made with recyclable plastic. :) **est.




ditch nuts. ditch dairy.

eat sunflower cream cheese.

save earth.

less water, air, land.

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